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Looking for the perfect pair of prescription glasses doesn’t have to be a painful process. At Optomize, we understand that you need a pair of glasses that look great and fits well and feels comfortable. That’s why we have a range of brands and frames to choose from, including the hottest styles from the biggest names in the business.

Being an independent Optometry practice allows us the flexibility to source and choose frames from over 200 brands that meet our patients’ needs and customers and their individuality.

Our highly skilled and professional team are trained to assist you with your frame choice, considering face shape, size, complexion, personal style, and how you use your spectacles. This ensures the perfect fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Glasses

As you may have gathered, buying prescription glasses is anything but a simple task. There are so many options that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and make decisions that you’ll later regret. In this section, we will answer the most common questions about prescription glasses.

Although some people have success wearing pharmacy reading glasses, you still need to see your optometrist regularly because:

  • Regular eye examinations are the only way to identify "silent" diseases, like glaucoma, in time to treat them before they leave permanent damage. Without eye examinations, we usually do not recognize things until it is too late.
  • Pre-made "readers" often lead to eye strain or headaches if people are: astigmatic, have a different prescription in each eye, or have eyes close together.


Follow these tips to keep your glasses in good condition:

  • It's best to get a hardshell case for your glasses if you're buying just one pair and store them in the case every time you take them off.
  • Don't leave your sunglasses on top of your dashboard on a hot day.
  • When buying new glasses for a child whose prescription changes frequently, ask if the lenses can be added to the old frames rather than buying new frames each time.
  • Look for spring hinged frames, which allow temples to flex outward without breaking the frames.
  • A scratch-resistant coating should always be applied to your lenses.
  • If you are not properly caring for your eyeglasses, they can cause different problems, including damage to the anti-reflective coating.


It is suggested to buy a new pair if your prescription has changed.
You need to see your optometrist every two years to maintain clear vision. Your optometrist will help you figure out your custom schedule.

The pricing that we mentioned is just an estimate and will either be less or more depending on other factors such as frame, additional features such as polarized lenses, and the brand.

Why Choose Optomize Mandurah
Optomize Mandurah

Why Choose Optomize Mandurah

Optomize is an Independent Optometry Practice and a proud member of ProVision, a support group for independent Optometrists.

We are a locally owned family-focused Optometrist and Mary-Rose, our Optometrist and owner, has been working in the Mandurah community for over 25 years.

All of our wonderful staff are locals, and we proudly support the local community and businesses

All of our designer frames have a 2-year warranty, as we will only purchase frames of the highest quality. We also have a comprehensive and attractive health fund range with a 6-month warranty

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