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Prescription Contact Lenses in Mandurah

Mary Rose has extensive experience in fitting our patients with Contact Lenses and has a special interest in Multifocal and Sports Vision Contact Lenses.

We can supply custom made Contact Lenses for prescriptions previously unavailable.


We have access Contact Lens brands including Cooper Vision, Alcon, Bausch + Lomb and J&J. Our range is constantly evolving with new advancements in design, materials and solutions.

We are happy to spend time teaching insertion and removal until you feel confident.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Contact Lenses

Are you considering getting contact lenses? If so, you’re not alone. Contact lens use has been on the rise over the past three decades, with about one in four people in Australia now wearing them. More than ever, people want to know if contacts are safe, how they work, and how to wear them correctly. With these common questions, we’ve compiled the answers you need to know.

There are different types of contact lenses your Optometrist could prescribe to you.  

  • Disposable contact lenses
  • Toric Contact Lenses
  • Soft Contact Lenses
  • Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses
  • Silicone Hydrogel Contacts
  • Multifocal Contact Lenses


There are many contact lens brands. During your comprehensive eye exams, your Mandurah optometrist can go over which type of contact lense is the best for you. A friend may have told you what their favourite contact lens is, but all contact lens types feel different to everyone. However, with a huge selection of contacts on the market, you can be sure that you will find a pair that will fit your eyes perfectly.

An example of this is toric lenses, which are often used for astigmatism. If your friend has astigmatism, but you do not, this type of lens may not be for you. Your Optometrist will discuss the range of contact lenses you can pick from and find the ideal pair for you.  

When you purchase contact lenses, they will be custom-made for your eyes. We consider various factors, including your eye structure, tears, and visual acuity, to determine what type of lens material, your replacement schedule, and what brand will be the best for your eyes.

That is why it is essential to look for the best optometry practices in your surrounding area to be sure that you are fitted for the correct type of contact lenses.

Even if you are only interested in a temporary contact lens, such as a colour lens or an effect lens, you will still need to schedule an appointment with your optometrist as only an eye care provider can fit contacts.

Our Mandurah Optometrist can assess your needs, prescribe the correct size, shape, and recommend the very best brand to achieve the perfect vision you seek.

We also provide assistance in answering any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Mary-Rose, our local Optometrist, has over 40 years of experience in her profession and provides more personalised service to her patients and the community.

Our team here at Optomize provides a thorough contact lens examination. Your Optometrist will determine the correct base curves, sphere power, and prescription power.

Once the contact lens assessment is completed, your Optometrist can answer any questions you may have, such as how to store your contact lenses safely and whether or not disposable contacts are the best option for you.

If you have an up to date Contact Lens prescription, you can buy them on line. However, contact lenses are  prosthetic medical devices and should be treated as such and prescribed and monitored under proper Optometric care.

There are many different replacement schedules. Some lenses are intended to be replaced daily, some fortnightly and others monthly.

 It is usually advisable to have both. Each are better in certain circumstances. If for instance you were suffering from an eye infection or allergy, you would need to have spectacles to fall back on while your eyes recovered.

Why Choose Optomize Mandurah
Optomize Mandurah

Why Choose Optomize Mandurah

Optomize is an Independent Optometry Practice and a proud member of ProVision, a support group for independent Optometrists.

We are a locally owned family-focused Optometrist and Mary-Rose, our Optometrist and owner, has been working in the Mandurah community for over 25 years.

All of our wonderful staff are locals, and we proudly support the local community and businesses

All of our designer frames have a 2-year warranty, as we will only purchase frames of the highest quality. We also have a comprehensive and attractive health fund range with a 6-month warranty

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