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It is scary to think that 20% of children have undetected vision problems. But scheduling an eye exam, you can be sure to correct any vision issues early on.

If you require a childrens optometrist in Mandurah, be sure to book an appointment or visit our clinic at Meadow Springs Shopping Centre. Our warm and caring professional staff will make your child feel comfortable during all parts of the eye examination.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Children Optometrist

Children of all ages need to have their eyes checked regularly, even for healthy, developing children. This is because the human eye is still developing until the age of 18. Having an optometrist examine your child’s eyes during this time helps ensure that growth and development is proceeding normally.

We get asked a lot of questions about children optometrist. Some of them are really obvious, like “how come my child has to wear glasses?”, but others are more complicated. So, we’ve collected together the most common questions parents ask us and have posted them here to give you an idea of what to expect.

Many optometrists recommend seeing a child as young as six to twelve months old as low vision can impact their development.

Otherwise, you will want to have them visit an optometrist when they are five or six. Every year after that, they should have a comprehensive eye exam. Please note that it is best to schedule an eye exam in the morning for your child, as they will not be as tired.

If you are worried about how your child will react to seeing an optometrist, know that many children optometrist strive to make the appointments more fun and enjoyable for your chilren.

If your child is rubbing their eyes, has headaches, is squinting or blinking more than usual, has little or no voluntary reading at home, or loses their place while reading, it is a sign that they are having vision trouble.

When going to the optometrist, be sure to tell the doctor about any family history of poor vision. If a child is sensitive to light, has watery eyes, has headaches, you will want to share this information with them too.

Depending on the co-operation and age of the child, usually no more than half and hour, as they tire and lose concentration easily. It is often better to bring them back a second time for another follow up than to try to get it all done at once.

Common vision problems for children include:

  • lazy eye (amblyopia)
  • myopia (short-sightedness)
  • hyperopia (long-sightedness)
  • astigmatism (distorted vision)
  • turned eyes (strabismus)
  • Convergence insufficiency

If you notice your child squinting, know that it can be caused by blurred vision, double vision, and can lead to lazy eye. This is seen in about 1 in 20 children and can be treated with eye patching, glasses, contact lenses, and eye exercises.

Astigmatism is another very common eye condition. Astigmatism happens when the cornea is not a perfectly curved shape but rather more like a football. 

Vision impairments can hinder learning for a child or cause many other issues. As soon as you notice any problems, book an appointment with an optometrist, so your child can get the best care and treatment possible. 

Yes, for the initial comprehensive eye test. But if referred onwards to a paediatric Ophthalmologist or to a Visual Therapist (specialist children’s optometrist) they do not usually bulk bill.

Often they will rub their eyes a lot, squint as if to see better or under perform to expectations. Some children may describe blurriness or headaches but most children don’t really understand what those really mean.

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