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By the age of 3, most children can recognize shapes, some letters or numbers and can communicate verbally. This is the time that we can get a reasonable idea of what their standard of vision and if it is within normal limits for their age.

Appointment times vary between 20 and 30 minutes, for a Comprehensive eye examination. If the Optometrist deems it necessary to conduct additional testing such as OCT scan or Visual Fields testing, then your appointment may be longer or a follow up appointment will be made.

The purpose of a Comprehensive Eye Examination is firstly to determine your Visual Acuity and to correct it to best possible vision using lenses or contact lenses where necessary.

But secondly, and more importantly, to check the health of the Visual System, not just the eyes, but how well they work as a whole system.

So I start with lots of relevant questions such as symptoms, any eye/visual history or problems and your general health. It is important to get this background history as many general health issues have or could develop visual symptoms. Part of these general health questions will involve asking about medications or drugs you may be taking. Bringing a written list of medications with you is very helpful.

Also bringing any previous spectacles with you is recommended as I will then be able to tell you how your vision may be changed since your last test.

How your eyes feel using your old prescription is an indication of how big a change there might be.

Family eye and general health history questions are also important as some may have a possibility of having some genetic tendencies, such as Diabetes.

Next, I like to find put about your lifestyle, both at work and at leisure.

This is especially important nowadays as so much of our life is spend using Digital Devices. Also, outdoor activities and sporting pursuits may involve specialized assistance or requirements, such as Prescription Safety Spectacles or Contact Lenses.

So now that I have asked all the relevant questions, I now will know what your apparent needs are.

The next part is determining your Unaided/Unassisted Visual Acuity.

This is simply a standardized measurement of how well you see with each eye separately and then the two eyes together or Binocularly.

Then I do the most recognizable part of the examination which is using a series of “trial” lenses to correct any blurring or visual discomfort, both each eye separately and then binocularly. This is to check that the eye muscles are working comfortably and well together.

Next, I see if you need any extra correction with lenses for a variety of working distances. This is something that varies a lot according to how you use your eyes and your age. For example, a lens used for computer use may be different to what you might need for very close or fine work.

I may do a Colour Vision test, which a requirement for certain jobs and certifications. An example might be for Electrical work and certifications for certain types of skipper tickets.

I then have a good look at the back of your eye either using an Ophthalmoscope or OCT/Retinal photography.

An OCT is like to an MRI of the eye but without any nasty radiation.

It is a very useful tool if there are any ambiguous issues with the health of the eyes. It is also a useful way of tracking or seeing any changes over time with regular OCTs.

I may need to dilate your pupils but I only do this if previously discussed as you should not drive afterwards for a few hours.

I also will take a measurement of your Intra-Ocular Eye Pressure (IOP) if you are 40years old or over, to determine if you are at risk of developing Glaucoma, a very treatable but an asymptomatic eye disease.

If there are any unusual finding here, I will either refer you to an Ophthalmologist or review you a second time soon after.

Now the Eye Examination is finished, I will discuss with you my recommendations with regard to your daily visual needs. This may involve types of lenses, lens coating, safety spectacles, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses, depending on your work and leisure requirements.

I will then hand you over to one of our dispensing experts, who will help you with frame choice, if applicable.

Your spectacles in most cases will be ready for collection in approximately 10 days. Once your order is received at our practice, we will call you to notify you that they are ready for collection and fitting.   

We sure do! We accept all health funds and can submit a claim for you on the day of your spectacle order.

In catering for all budgets, we also offer our patients a No Gap Health Fund range, which allows you to take advantage of your Health Fund Optical Extras with little to no additional out of pocket expense.

If you are over the age of 65, we recommend a yearly eye examination.

Children and teenagers under the age of 18, we also recommend yearly eye examinations due vision changes due to growth. Once their growth has settled down every 2 years is the usual recall cycle.

Any patients with existing conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration or Cataracts should visit us every year. Of course, if you notice any changed in your vision, please contact us for an appointment. Worsening of these conditions should not be left untreated.

All other patients are recommended to see an Optometrist every 2 years, for us to monitor the overall health of your eyes. 

Contact Lenses are not necessarily suitable for everyone. Suitability will depend on your prescription, any existing eye conditions such as Dry Eyes and your ability to safely insert and remove contact lenses.

Mary Rose, our Optometrist will be happy to discuss your suitability at your next appointment.

If you are a candidate for Contact Lenses and a new wearer, we require you to attend a “Fit and Teach” appointment which will take up to 1 hour and includes trial lenses and a follow up appointment.

Why Choose Optomize Mandurah
Optomize Mandurah

Why Choose Optomize Mandurah

Optomize is an Independent Optometry Practice and a proud member of ProVision, a support group for independent Optometrists.

We are a locally owned family focused Optometrist and Mary-Rose, our Optometrist and owner, has been working in the Mandurah community for over 25 years.

All of our wonderful staff are locals, and we proudly support the local community and businesses

All of our designer frames have a 2-year warranty, as we will only purchase frames of the highest quality. We also have a comprehensive and attractive health fund range with a 6 month warranty

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