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Common Eye Conditions

What is a Stye? – Causes, Symptoms, and Home Remedies

A stye, or hordeolum, is somewhat similar to what you might call a pimple. It is a red bump on the areas inside and on your eyelid(s) edges. A person can develop styes on their eyelids due to numerous reasons.

There are plenty of tiny oil glands present in your eyelids. A stye may form due to disruption in the function of these tiny oil glands. For instance, there might be a blockage in these glands due to an extensive buildup of oil, dirt, or dead skin cells. This leads to the production of bacteria and germs, which can cause styes on the outside edges of your eyelids.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from a stye, minus the discomfort or pain, it could be a chalazion (chalazia for plural). Although they might appear similar, they take relatively long periods to heal.

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Common Eye Conditions

Common Causes of Stye

The bacterium and germ buildup inside the tiny oil glands lead to red and swollen lumps around the eyelids. Common causes for this include:

  • Eye makeup (contaminated)
  • Blepharitis, which causes inflammation on your eyelid
  • Keeping makeup on for long periods
  • Not cleaning eyes often
  • Styes in the past
  • Viral infections
  • Medical histories such as diabetes, ocular rosacea, or seborrheic dermatitis
  • Excessive rubbing or touching of eyelids (this can transfer germs from hands or fingers to the eyes)

Doctors suggest that styes are rarely a major concern. Furthermore, they explain that styes usually go away in seven to ten days.

Common Symptoms of Stye

General symptoms for this highly common eye condition are as follows:

  • Itching near the eye
  • Soreness around the eyes (especially on the eyelids)
  • Crust-like feel on the eyelids.
  • Rashness and reddish eyelids in appearance
  • Excessive flow of tears from the eyes

When Should You See An Optometrist About Stye?

While styes are a general problem, it is no reason to leave them untreated. Only via proper attention and medication (or home remedies) can you resolve the issue. However, make sure to get immediate medical attention if you face the following symptoms:

  • Excessive swelling of your eyelids
  • Frequent styes
  • Prolonged time of stye(s) (if they haven’t disappeared in a week to ten days)
  • Styes are distorting your vision
  • Intense pain around the eye, regardless of the styes on the eyelids

Remedies for Styes

Since a stye is indicative of inflammation, a hot compress is the best solution. Soak a piece of soft cotton fabric in hot water and use it as a warm compress on the affected area. It can loosen up the accumulation of bacteria and germs.
Take over-the-counter medications such as eye drops or antibiotic ointments to apply over the eyelids. This can alleviate the pain instantly while relieving the buildup inside the tiny oil glands.

If the condition is frequent and painful, you should consult your local Mandurah optometrist immediately. Taking proper care of your eyes with regular checkups can help prevent eye conditions in the long term.

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